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exclusive interview THE neapolitan 20 ENTREPRENEUR moms YOU’LL LOVE diva “I did my research & planning while I was still working for someone else and one day I just put my business out there and marketed it like crazy.” MMIA: Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? CHRISTINA: I started out writing about women’s issues for publications and I just wanted to do more. I felt deeply compelled by the women who I was writing about and I designed my business to do something about the things that I wanted to change for women, working moms in particular. MMIA: How long did it take you to go from business idea to actually seeing income? CHRISTINA: Within a year. I did my research & planning while I was still working for someone else and one day I just put my business out there and marketed it like crazy. MMIA: Do you ever regret your decision to become a full-time entrepreneur? CHRISTINA: No way Jose lol. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. MMIA: How do you balance the roles of mom and entrepreneur? CHRISTINA: I always wake up at 4am. I know that between my daughter, who is on the brink of the terrible twos, and my business that’s growing more and more each day, I’m going to have a lot on my hands. It’s important for me to at least have the first part of the day to myself in order to get centered before it all begins. I don’t balance it perfectly, but I always prioritize. It is my most important job to be a present & loving mother to my little girl above anything else. So after I’ve prayed and 1 meditated in the morning, I handle any heavy business work before my daughter even wakes up to ensure that I’m not preoccupied all day with what I should be doing. MMIA: What advice can you give to the woman who doubts her ability to succeed as an entrepreneur mom? CHRISTINA: You can create any life you want. T he life you have now, whether you like it or not, is a complete manufacturing of your thoughts, words, and actions. Just imagine what kind of happy life you can have if you refocus those thoughts, words, and actions. Find positive supportive people, speak encouraging words to yourself, and be pulled by what naturally makes you light up. Let the joy from the work that you were meant to do pull you out of fear. Anyone or anything that says you can’t do this, is lying to you. Believe in yourself. Christina Caldwell Coco Mommy Montgomery, AL Christina Caldwell, the woman behind Coco Mommy, is an acclaimed women’s issues writer whose work has been featured by Forbes and Slate. She has also provided commentary on the National Public Radio station “To the Point”. She has done extensive research & work in the areas of maternal mortality, parental leave, family dynamics, & the glass ceiling effect on women & minorities for reputable print and online publications. Christina Caldwell IG: @agirlnamedtutu Twitter: @Cocomommytweets June 2014 | MMIA Magazine | 31