MMIA Magazine - Million Moms In Action Magazine June/July 2014 - Page 23

exclusive interview THE idea-ignitor 20 ENTREPRENEUR moms YOU’LL LOVE “When I had younger children and I traveled more I always made sure that I was present for important events.” MMIA: How did you get started in your business? Kay: I got started in the business because I noticed that aspiring entrepreneurs were doing the wrong things in the wrong order. T hey were balling over in frustration because they were not seeing the results although they were putting in the work. MMIA: How long did you stay stuck in the “start-up stage” of your business and what did you do to get “unstuck”? Kay: In my first business I stayed stuck in the start-up-stage for a few months because I wasn’t speaking to what matter most to my ideal corporate clients at the time. I always focused on my services. I had to learn how to understand my customer and what matter most to them. What were their “wake-up” in the morning pain points. Once I learned and studied them that secondary facet of my business sky rocketed. MMIA: Do you ever regret your decision to become a full-time entrepreneur? KAY: No, it’s never been a regret for me because I knew I always wanted freedom and flexibility in my life. I used to hate when my mother wasn’t able to participate in school fieldtrips. I wanted that for my son at the time and I discovered a way to make it happen. MMIA: How do you balance the roles of mom and entrepreneur? KAY: I’m able to balance the roles a little bit better now because my children are much older. When I had younger children and I traveled more I always made sure that I was present for important events. I now try to include my children in my business. I always communicate and explain to them what’s going on in the business. MMIA: How do your children feel about mommy being an entrepreneur? KAY: My children are fine with it because they benefit.(lol) It provides awareness of the unlimited possibilities in life besides a 9 to 5.. MMIA: Tell us about an A-HA! Moment that changed your life? KAY: An A-HA that changed my life was when a mentor a said “ You already have everything that you need you just need to decide.” T hat changed my life because I need that God waiting on me to step up and share my gifts with the world. MMIA: What advice can you give to the woman who is reading this right now and thinking there’s no way she can start a business while running her household? KAY: I would say learn delegate, ask for help with children to prioritize your daily tasks. Make sure you always focus on revenue generating activities first so you stay in business. Just start, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Kay Richardson Founder & CEO of W.S.W.E Miami, FL. Kay Richardson is a professional speaker and business strategist dedicated who helps entrepreneurs locally and internationally quickly uncover the blind spots in their businesses so they get clients and increase their revenue. Kay works with service based entrepreneurs who’s passions drive them to make a difference in the world. Kay is also the author of What a Woman’s Gotta Do. Dig Deep Make a Decision and Take Action. Kay Richardson IG: @IdeaIgnitor Twitter: @IdeaIgnitor June 2014 | MMIA Magazine | 23