MMIA Magazine - Million Moms In Action Magazine June/July 2014 - Page 18

exclusive interview brain THE BEHIND THE BIZ 20 ENTREPRENEUR moms YOU’LL LOVE MMIA: How did you get started in your business? SHANNON: I recognized my true gift of writing and allowed it to tell creative, technical, business and social stories. I started as my own client and then it involved into an ever-growing client base. MMIA: How long did you stay stuck in the “start-up stage” of your business and what did you do to get “unstuck”? SHANNON: I always get “stuck”, but that’s a magical place because it allows me to re-envision my business and its purpose and develop new services and ideas. As far as building my business, I was stuck with the “details” of what it would be for a few months. T hen I started taking action to just live through my gift of writing and I slowly became “unstuck” with the idea of what I’m supposed to be doing. MMIA: Do you ever regret your decision to become a full-time entrepreneur? SHANNON: Never. I do regret not being more faithful in the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. H