MMIA Magazine - Million Moms In Action Magazine June/July 2014 - Page 13

exclusive interview cultivator THE Life 20 ENTREPRENEUR moms YOU’LL LOVE “I believe that my children are truly proud of me. They look at me as a superhero.” Tanisha Cunningham Founder & CEO of Live to Grow Enterprises, Inc Verona, New Jersey Tanisha Cunningham is known as a Life Cultivator. She teaches others how to identify and remove those things in their life that would hinder them from moving forward so that they can begin to create a lifestyle of continued growth. Her passion is in helping others see success in every area of their lives despite the challenges they may have gone through. Her areas of expertise is in women empowerment and as a youth advocate for young adults transitioning out of foster care. MMIA: Do you ever regret your decision to become a full-time entrepreneur? TANISHA: No. Being a full-time entrepreneur allotted me the time and flexibility to be the kind of mother my child needed. MMIA: How do you balance the roles of mommy and entrepreneur? TANISHA: T here is never a balance between being a mother and an entrepreneur. Each day is met with a decision of what is priority and what would this be the best decision for my family at this time. MMIA: How do your children feel about mommy being an entrepreneur? TANISHA: I involve my son as much as I can in what I do. Whether it’s taking him with me to an event when possible or helping me with the administration of the business. Involving him helps him understand why I may be too busy sometimes and even inspires him to want to become an entrepreneur as well. He loves the fact that I help people and even more proud when he hears how I was able to change their life. MMIA: Does your husband/mate support you and your business? TANISHA: I am currently a single mother, but I do have the support of my ex-husband and his family when it comes to what I need to be more effective in my business. MMIA: What advice can you give to the woman who is reading this right now and thinking there’s no way she can while running her household? TANISHA: When you are passionate about doing what you have been gifted to do, you make no excuses as to how you’re going to get it done. Instead of saying “I can’t because” start saying “I will despite” and watch how your words create a way out of what seems to be impossible. Tanisha Cunningham IG: @tanishacunningham Twitter: @t_a_cunningham June 2014 | MMIA Magazine | 13