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New England GROWS’ 2016 Conference Highlights The GROWS conference offers something for everyone – business, new plants, design, tree care, turf care, soil health and so much more. The following is a sampling of sessions that may be of special interest to landscape professionals: An ✪ ALL ACCESS badge is required for GROWS educational sessions. Visit for a complete conference schedule. Business Seminars Designed to Help with Staffing & Sales Wednesday • November 30, 2016 & Thursday • December 1, 2016 Two business seminars will be offered by Jason Cupp, a Kolbe Certified Growth Consultant, team builder, and executive coach. Jason spent 24 years as CEO of landscape design/build and maintenance companies with more than 100 employees and revenues in the millions. In 2008 and 2009 he was the youngest-ever elected president of PLANET (now the National Association of Landscape Professionals). On Wednesday, November 30th, Jason will present a seminar on, “How to Hire & Keep Good People.” Finding employees in the green industry is a difficult and expensive process. Just when you think you have the right person in the right position, they wind up jumping ship or starting their own business. Jason will offer solutions for finding the right people and creative ways to keep them on your team for many years. Tracy DiSabato-Aust presents TWO Seminars Wednesday • November 30, 2016 Tracy DiSabato-Aust is an award-winning garden designer, international speaker, best-selling author, and world-class triathlete with a passion for plants and design. GROWS attendees will have an opportunity to hear two presentations by this renowned industry expert: “High Impact, Low-Care Plants” and “Designing with Color, Texture & Form.” You are sure to gain inspiration, and take away practical and creative tips. You can find a full description of the seminars at Tracy is the author of three bestselling books: The Well-Tended Perennial Garden; The WellDesigned Mixed Garden; and 50 High-Impact, Low-Care Garden Plants. She will do a book signing following each of her presentations. Seven Consumer Trends to Watch in 2017 Thursday, December 1, 2016 On Thursday, December 1st, Jason will present “Optimize Your Sales Strategies.” In this session you’ll review proven sales tactics and strategies and learn how you can measure growth using your bottom line, your team, and your marketplace as specific benchmarks. You’ll learn what should be included in a written sales plan and how you can commit to changing your sales strategy in just one short season. Using Natural Stone Construction in the Landscape Friday • December 2, 2016 From This Old House to New England GROWS Iȁ 5 5 1@ݥɅєѕՕ́ͥɅѽՍѥ)ѡ͍=ٕȁѥ͍)Iȁ́ͥեЁͽѡ)ɥєɥѽՍɕ́9)聙ѽ̰݅Օѽѥ̰ݥمɥ䁽)̸݅݅eԁЁéЃLՅݥѠ́)ѕ٥ͥ٥ݕٕ́ȁ́͡ձȸMȁ)ѡ͕́ȁ׊eх݅Ʌѥ٥Ѽ)ѕȁѡЁե̰݅݅́ѥ̸()%ӊé͍݅́ѥѼȁɕѥ́)ɕ̸Qݼ́ɽQɑ)5ɽݥ́Mͅ5 )AɕͥЀչȰ-ѥ5 Չܰ) ɕѥٔɕѽȰݥɕٕѡȁѽݸ)ɑɕ́͡܁ԁ܁ѼٕɅѡ)չՔɵѥѼɽ܁ȁͥ́хɕمи%)ѥѼѡɔѡɕ́ݥ٥Յ䁑啐)٥єѡȸ()M܀%5)eȁIȁMх=Ʌѥ)ɥ䰁ȀȰ()9܁͹܁Ʌѽѡ́éȁԄ)=ȁȁ́AMѽɕѽȁ=ɕ) %ɵѥ=ȁЁѡM܀%)5ЁͽѥM%5Aݥ)܁ݥѕȁЁɅѥ́ɔ)ɔѡ͕٥%ɕ͕ɔ)Ѽѥ́ͽѕݥѠͱ́ɽݥ٥ɽхɹ́ɕեɔɕհٕͥи1ɸЁɅѥ́ͽ́ȁхݥѕȁЁѡ)ͥ䁥ѕՑ͹܁ɥѤ)ɔݕѥ́ͅѕՕ̸((ѥՕ((()51@9]M1%9()I=]Lѥ((0