MLP Newsline - Page 20

“Education and innovation are an integral part of our mission at The Garden Continuum – that’s why we attend New England GROWS every year. It’s the best way to keep our jobs fresh and interesting, while ensuring that we stay on the cutting edge of the industry. The networking and relationship building at New England Grows is first-rate!” Monique Allen, MCLP Owner, The Garden Continuum, Inc. • Medfield, Massachusetts MLP Board Member BSLA Design Challenge Winner at GROWS! The 2016 BSLA Design Challenge was won by Sarah Carrier, ASLA with her project “Akimbo.” Over the summer Carrier worked with the design and manufacturing team at Walpole Outdoors, readying Akimbo to take center stage Ё9܁I=]L)9ٕȀ)MɅ́ɽչͥձхЁЁɥAɽչ̸!ȁͥ́ɽչͥͽ͡)ݥɥєѡՉиMɅեЁѕɸ݅)ѥոЁ镬́፥ѕȁ)չѼͥѡȁѕɅѥٔݥѠѡ)ͅѕɥ()MɅ ɥȰM1Фݥȁѡ ѽM)1͍ɍѕ̀ M1ͥMɅ)͕́ɔݥѠ9܁I=]LɅ͡)ɕѽȁ)ȁ5A((LȰ)YͥЁ́ЁI=]L9 =MQ=8)5) ==Q ȀĀ()51@9]M1%9()I=]Lѥ((((0