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MLP NEWSLINE is a publication of the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals, Inc. A few years back, I was asked to participate in a marketing campaign entitled “Meet Me at GROWS” and here’s what I had to say: “I attend New England GROWS because I don’t want to be left out in the cold. Every year I learn about new products that improve our efficiency; I touch base with suppliers I haven’t seen in months; and I take away tips from green industry veterans that help me grow my business. I can’t imagine missing this show… Priceless!” Jason Scott, MCLP, CSP President Looking back on that comment, I feel even stronger about the benefits of my GROWS’ participation today than I did back then. Perhaps it’s because I’ve had a chance to “peek behind the curtain” and see what really makes GROWS tick. What I’ve learned is that New England GROWS is the result of a decades-long, one-of-a-kind collaboration between four local associations: MLP, MNLA, MAA and NENA. It is powered by scores of dedicated volunteers, executed by one of the finest management teams in the industry, and – most importantly – all proceeds from the conference go directly back to the industry to support research, scholarships, workforce development, consumer awareness, and more. When you make your decision to support GROWS, not only does MLP benefit directly, but our entire industry gains! Many thanks to Doug McDuff, Zach Navarro, and Brian Paige for their help on the GROWS board of directors and education committee – and a special shout out to MLP’s associate members who support our industry by exhibiting at GROWS! I know MLP members will be there in force November 30 – December 2, 2016 in Boston. See you there! MLP NEWSLINE is published four times a year by the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals, Inc. (MLP) and is distributed free of charge to members. The purpose of the newsletter is to disseminate information to promote general standards and ethics in landscape contracting, as well as to foster research and share knowledge with its members. MLP is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to communications between its membership and the industry. MLP believes the information in this publication to be accurate as of its publication date and is not responsible for inadvertent errors. The MLP logo is a trademark of the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals, Inc. MLP members only are permitted to utilize the logo. Logos are available by calling the MLP office at (508) 653-3373. EDITORIAL Readers are encouraged to submit articles, announcements, reviews of products, or letters. The deadline for submission is the 10th of the month preceding publication. Address correspondence to Editor, MLP NEWSLINE 8-D Pleasant Street South Natick, MA 01760 ADVERTISING For advertising rates and information, contact Anne at (508) 653-3373. Ads may be submitted as high resolution pdf files. Discounted advertising rates are available to MLP members. DISCLAIMER The views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of MLP. Jason Scott, MCLP, CSP President GROWS Reusable Water Bottle Campaign Order a GROWS Klean Kanteen when you register and pick it up at the Info Booth in Registration when you arrive at the show. You’ll fill up ܈YH]\Yۘ]Y\[HˈYY[Y]HԓYX][ۈ[ [x&[\ܝ\[\H[H[[]HH[]B(ԓX[[Y[\\ ][\Y\][ۈBSUSBԓY][ۈ M QX\[Y]]]XPH M͌L Lˌ™^ L Lˍ LL[[ [X ܙ›[ [X ܙ‚\]]\\[YۈXXY\\]۝Z[ H Xۜ[Y\X\YY\\]ԓBB\Y[8&\Y\YB