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floorplan spread color_Layout 1 10/24/16 1:55 PM Page 1 New Features, Old Favorites Whether you’re new to New England GROWS, or if you’ve been coming for years, you’ll have no trouble recognizing the jam-packed expo floor or the world-class educational conference bustling upstairs. Dig in, learn and grow! Then dig deeper and check out these unique offerings that you won’t want to miss! The Safety Arena at GROWS provides an array of learning opportunities that target practical ways to keep you and your crew safer and healthier, while doing your part to protect the environment. (See schedule on page 7) Trend Spotting at GROWS What consumer trends will shake up the lawn and garden industry in 2017? Garden Media Group will offer their predictions for where consumer dollars will be spent next year and our friends at Cavicchios Greenhouses will bring those trends to life through creative vignettes on the Greenway. Explore, engage, and exchange ideas on emerging trends to embrace in 2017. Essentials of Plant I.D. G R E E N WAY Go ahead and take the challenge! Practice your plant identification skills with a self-guided exploration using a variety of plants and a smart phone or tablet. Thank you to Monrovia for their generous donation of plant material for this area of the floor. MLP Joins Network Central! Information gathering, casual conversation and connections galore! Grab a cup of coffee and visit your friends from MLP alongside the 30+ trade associations, agencies, and organizations that comprise GROWS’ valuable roster of Network members. BSLA Design Competition NETWORK CENTRAL ▲ Interested in volunteering at the MLP Booth? Watch your email for a sign-up genius link and get involved! GROWS is delighted to partner with our friends at the Boston Society of Landscape Architects (BSLA) to bring the winner of the BSLA’s Member Design Challenge to the Greenway at GROWS! Sarah Carrier’s winning project “Akimbo” will take center stage on the Greenway at New England GROWS in November. Special thanks to Walpole Ou ё́ȁѼɥѡ)݅ɐݥхѥѼ(+Z)%9<()I=]L ɕȁ ѕȸ݅́)ձȁѥѥЁI=]L)1́ɽɽ́ѡ)9ѡЁ͔ѡͥєɑ)Ѽɽє፥ѥɕȁչѥ́ѽéɕ(+Z()]ЁѼЁѡɐ) Ѽѡ͡܁ݥѠȀ׊uNJt)ѥЁ)QЁ啅ȵɽչI=]L)́ͼչ ɕ) ѕȁЁ9I=]Lɜ)Māȁх̸()I=]Od ɥЁ%́ ѕ)Iѡ́Ʌѥٔܵ܁ݡԁՕ́)ѡ ɥЁ%́ ѕȰѼɥ́Ս+ԵєMɥЁM͕͍ͥ̀ձ+ͬѕͥͬeЁ́ѡѼЁȁѽ՝ЁՕѥ́ݕɕЁɽمՅѥݥѠUٕͥ䁅ѕͥͽɽɽ́9܁+Q ѽɔЁI=]L ɽ՝ЁѼԁ ɹ̀9ѡ) ѽɔ́ѽݥѠݥمɥ䁽́ɕɕե)ѕѼѥձɔ ɽ͔ѥѱ́ѡɕɕ)ɕɕ͕ѕ́ݥѠ́ɕЁ䁝Ё̸aQ́ѡ)͕ͽ+Mȁ M()I=]L) I%!P%L 9QH() IH) 9QH(+MAI%9PMMM%=9L)͍ѽѽѼ)͍ѽ)IɅѥ)IɅѥ(+ ==-MQ=I()͍ѽȁѼ͍ѽȁѼ)IɅѥIɅѥ((0