MLP Newsline Spring Summer 2017 - Page 3

2017 Beacon Award The following is an excerpt from Joann Vieira's speech, given at the April 21 MLP Meeting where Steve Crowe was awarded the 2017 Beacon Award. “I am particularly honored to make this presentation tonight because I believe our honoree, Steve Crowe, is one of the indus- try’s most ‘unsung heroes.’ Not only has he run an outstanding landscape company for more than 30 years, he has quietly worked behind the scenes to help MLP, as well as many other worthy organizations, achieve success. He doesn’t do it for the accolades. He does it because he truly enjoys helping people and making the world a better place. Let me tell you a little more about our Beacon recipient. When Steve graduated from UMass Amherst he did have an offer to join his family’s business, but his passion for the great outdoors led him toward a career in landscaping…and from where I stand, he made the right decision. Sunshine Landscaping opened its doors in Cherry Valley, Massa- chusetts as a mowing service in 1982. With Steve keeping a steadfast eye on soil health and sustainable practices, the com- pany blossomed into a full service horticultural business with environmental stewardship as its primary mission. Steve’s scientific and technical approach to landscaping and lawn care, coupled with his love of nature and a desire to give back, are the pillars of his 30+ year career. Now I know you all know how much Steve has given back to the landscape industry: from serving on the MLP board of directors back in the early 1990s, to helping develop the highly successful MCLP program, and launching the organization’s legislative involvement through the Green Industry Alliance, his commit- ment is evident. In fact, according to Virginia, he has an MLP meeting attendance record that rivals Rudy Piantedosi! What you may not know about Steve is that he has a lifetime of achievement outside of our industry that includes recognition Welcome New MLP Members! Smart business. Powerful connections. Friends, colleagues, and Sunshine Landscaping team members helped Steve celebrate at the meeting. Seen here with Steve are his friends Kathy Chrismer and Audy Coffin. from the Green Mountain Club Presidents, the National Park Service, and the American Hiking Society. Steve has actually hiked the entire Appalachian Trail and has volunteered thou- sands of hours in support of protecting the Appalachian Trail, as well as Mt. Wachusett. His lifelong commitment to environmen- tal stewardship extends well beyond his professional life. In other words: he walks the walk! When asked where his inspiration came from, he remembered back to working a paper route as a young boy. On a particularly tough day, his grandfather told him, “There is no such word as can’t.” Looking back on Steve’s lifelong commitment to science, stewardship, and service it is evident that he took those sage words to heart.” Michael Richards, MCLP Babson College Wellesley, MA Andrea Keenan Con-Conn Lexington, MA Anthony Gleason Gleason Johndrow Landscaping Southampton, MA John Maestranzi Iron Tree Service LLC Wenham, MA Keri Brown R & S Landscaping Medford, MA Diana Bingham Yardplus LLC Lowell, MA [as of May 1, 2017] MLP NEWSLINE Spring/Summer 2017 3