THE MAGAZINE OF THE MISSOURI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY November 2016 Donald Trump supporter: Eric Greitens supporter: “The country needs a fresh approach. Trump is more about changing how things have been run in order to improve instead of focusing on how it best benefits him.” “Missouri needs a governor that is pro-small business and not controlled by big labor.” -Owner of a small business in St. Louis -Staff member at a medium-sized business in southwest Missouri Donald Trump supporter: “I agree with his positions on business issues.” -Executive at a large business in Kansas City Eric Greitens supporter: Roy Blunt supporter: “He will do the right things to improve our business environment — tort reform and labor reform.” “He is a proven leader, statesman, experienced and holds key positions in the Senate that are good for Missouri.” -Owner of a medium-sized business in St. Louis -Executive at a large business in Kansas City THE ELECTION Chris Koster supporter: Hillary Clinton supporter: “Greitens is unknown on his positions. While Koster is pro-labor and pro-trial attorney, he is pragmatic on many other issues important to business.” “I do not trust Donald Trump’s temperament to be our President.” -Executive at a large business in southwest Missouri -Executive at a large business in Kansas City Hillary Clinton supporter: “She is better for national security. She’s more predictable and more measured in her decision-making.” -Executive at a large business in St. Louis Chris Koster supporter: Jason Kander supporter: “He has more experience in government.” “We need to get new blood into the U.S. Senate to get something done.” -Owner of a large business in St. Louis -Executive at a small business in central Missouri.