Missing Abigail Hernandez I - Page 5

CONWAY, N.H. —As the search for Abigail Hernandez heads into the third week, as many as 60 volunteers are gathering to search for the 15-year-old. A group called "The Mission for the Missing" is in the North Conway area searching with K-9 teams. On Saturday two dogs that specialize in water searches will be taken out in boats to recheck Pudding Pond, located near the Hernandez home. Residents said they are grateful to the group for helping with the search. ?HZ\??[???B?Z\??[?????\????]?]H[??\?Y?]??[??]\?Y[??\??[?]?Y[????[Y[????B?X?????]?[??[? ???XY[?N????????]\????K?]??? [?]????[?Y\??Z??[?\?X\?? Y??XX?Y?Z[\??[?^??K?N M? N ??? M ???K?? ?^ ?K?[?^ ?[?^????[?\???