Missing Abigail Hernandez I - Page 14

9. Maybe you can help the family by raking their leaves? Bringing over a meal? Baking cookies? It’s important that you always ask “What can I do to help?” Many times those with missing loved ones are not up to being social able and who can blame them? However, if you know relatives or very close friends, ask them…they can find out for you. It’s not wise to ever call the family unless you have a very close and personal relationship with them and when you do…be sure your phone does not have a blocked caller ID. When the phone rings…everyone in the home will always have a skipped heart beat. Seeing the number is someone they know can help aid in the anxiety of waiting to hear who is on the other end of the phone. 10. Do NOT ever contact the family if you do not have a personal relationship with them prior to Abigail going missing. Do not ask for the family to contact you. If you have a service or offering …call law enforcement and give that information to them and let them make the decision. Families do not want to be bogged down with all the “psychic tips” and “great private investigators” that you know. If they are that good…let them go find Abigail and/or let them contact the police department and get their permission. 11. If you think you may have spotted Abigail, while I know it is crucial you call 9-1-1 right away…but we always advise that FIRST you try and get a photograph of them on your cell phone. This will aid the investigation as well as take a few of your surrounding areas to pinpoint where you saw her. Naturally call 9-1-1 immediately following.