Missing Abigail Hernandez I - Page 12

1. Check your property and outdoor barns, sheds and garages well. Look for any signs that something may have been disturbed, changed, missing or if something “new” is found that is not yours. Do not touch. Call police or 9-1-1 right away. 2. Walk your own property to look for anything out of the ordinary. 3. Keep your eyes and ears open. Anything you hear that may be concerning, report it to authorities. Let them determine if it is a rumor or may have validity. Don’t expect they will give you follow up. That is not their job. Their job is to investigate all possibilities. 4. DO NOT gather friends and public helpers to form your own “search parties” in wooded areas!!! This is extremely important. Should evidence be located and contaminated, it will not help the case. Remember…all searches are done by professionals brought on by law enforcement. We know you want to help, but there are many other ways. Should this ever become a case of foul play…the family will want justice. That could be thwarted if evidence is contaminated. Please have faith in law enforcement. Abby is in good hands with their investigative processes. 5. Ask before you hang missing posters. Do not post on glass entry doors to businesses as it may shield the cashier from recognizing that one about to enter the premises may be problematic. Always ask the manager where to hang them.