Miss Jen Catalog 2017 English - Page 7



The richly pigmented eyeliners glide on smoothly

and effortlessly providing you with rich and bold color. You can choose to draw a simple line with

a hint of color to your eyes, or create a bold design.

Net weight: 0.04 OZ / 1.2 G

Cosmetic composition: Gel

PAO: 24 months

Transform your favorite loose, pressed or glitter eye shadow into a vibrant eyeliner look. A convenient, felt tip brush ensures smooth and precise applications. The liner can also be used to seal and add vibrancy in any existing eyeliner application.

Net weight: 0.01 FL OZ / 3 ML

Cosmetic composition: Liquid

PAO: 12 months

Cailyn Fix It Liner

Cailyn Gel Glider Eyeliner

Cailyn Gel Eyeshadow Pencil

A long-lasting, crease-free creamy gel eyeshadow with rich pigments that create the perfect eyeshadow that is easy to use. It is perfect for shading, defining, highlighting, and to create a bold

smoky eye look.

Net weight: 0.05 OZ / 1.4 G

Cosmetic composition: Gel

PAO: 30 months