Miss Jen Catalog 2017 English - Page 61




Saline Solution

Keep it clean! Eliminate all traces of oil residue before use of eyelash perm or tint. After application

of conventional eye make-up removers, usually oily residues remain on the upper eyelid and the

eyelashes. Used for best possible results!

Net Weight: 150ml

Cosmetic composition: Liquid.

POA: 12 months.

Sensitive Developer

A simple Developer Gel based on silver nitrate for RefectoCil Sensitive tints. Easy to use.

No dripping. No need to mix with colors.

Net weight: 60 ml. Enough for 120 applications.

Cosmetic composition: Get

PAO: 12 months.

Skin Protection Cream

The RefectoCil Skin Protection Cream is a protection care cream for use when eyelash and eyebrow tinting. The formula provides intense care on a natural basis! It is free of allergenic fragrances and thus especially suitable for the sensitive eye area. The special care formula also contains shea butter, almond oil, chamomile, vitamin E and D-Panthenol that protects the skin from harmful environmental influences and helps the skin to stay beautiful and healthy.

Net weight: 75ml

Cosmetic composition: Cream.

PAO: 12 months

life of silicone pads.

Silicone Pads

The advancement from RefectoCil Eye protection papers, for even simpler lash tinting. The Silicone Pads prevent unwanted staining of the skin. They are self-adhesive - no cream needed! The soft, impermeable high-tech silicone is anti-slip is skin-friendly and matches any eye shape. Easy to clean and reusable up to 100 times.

Net weight: 2 pads per pack.

Cosmetic composition: Gel.

PAO: Cleansing the pads thoroughly after every use will ensure longer

life of silicone pads.