Miss Jen Catalog 2017 English - Page 53

Lint Free Eye Patch

Wink Me lint free eye patches has a specialized coating surface. It is strong yet flexible, making it easy to use with tweezers. It keeps the eyes and skin from drying out, and provides nutrients to moisturize the under eye area during use. The unique shape of the patch allows for a better mold and adherence when placed on the skin.

Net weight: 5 pairs per pack

Blink Silicone Pads

The anti-static silicon pad makes it easier for you to pick up eyelash extensions easier with tweezers, enhancing the speed of your service. Its good quality prevents damage or piercing from tweezers. It is washable and re-usable.

Composition: Silicone

Lint Free Brush

Easy to use, non-drip, disposable microfiber brush that is used to help clean or prime the lashes prior to eyelash extension application.

Net Weight: 50 per pack

Composition: Microfiber, plastic handle

Mascara Wand

A disposable brush used to help clean and maintain eyelashes to be used before, during and after eyelash extension application.

Net weight: 50 per pack

Composition: Plastic

Micro Brush

The super fine tip on this brush allows for improved precision. It is non-absorbant and lint-free. Can be used with eyelash extension care products, or for precise cleansing of the lashes.

Net Weight: 100 per pack

Composition: Microfiber, plastic handle


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