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That’so Applicator Mitt is a convenient soft textured mitt used to apply That’so Glam Body Mousse, or any other self-tanning products. It will allow for an easy streak-free and even application.

Composition: Fabric

That'so Applicator Mitt


The turbine machine is portable and convenient as it small and efficiently mobile. The nozzle is fan like, giving you great precision and control of the application, and allows you to spray horizontally or vertically. The machine has a top feeder cup to hold the product, allowing a gravitational pull so there is no product wasted.

* Those who purchase the Fuji Tan 4100 Mini T-Pro package will receive a tanning tent, a 1L tanning solution and a 1L makeup remover solution. Training is given to those who purchase the professional line. Comes with a 2-year warranty.

Fuji Tan 4100 Mini T-Pro Package*

A unique product that penetrates to the 2nd layer, thus reducing spotting and allows product to fade evenly. 1 Liter of solution will do 20 bodies/200 faces.

10% DHA solution, Ultra Dark: recommended for fair to dark skin tones.

14% DHA Extra Dark: recommended for a dramatic effect or for the entertainment industry.

1 Liter Spray Tanning Makeup Solution, 10% or 14%

Protect the sole of the feet from getting blackened by the spray residue during a spray tan session. They easily stick to the bottom of the feet and are disposed of after use.

Sticky Feet

Use to cover hair during spray tan session in order to keep hair dry and clean from tanning solution.

Hair Net

THAT'SO - Professional