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TIPS & REMIDERS CELL PHONE POLICY Miraval Mode - Our cell phone free atmosphere has been established to support you in having the most wonderful experience at Miraval Life in Balance Spa possible - fully present and engaged with the magic of Miraval and your activities here. SCHEDULING AN APPOINTMENT To schedule an appointment please visit our website miravalspamonarchbeach.com or call 855.368.2940. To ensure your preferred time and service is available we recommend booking in advance. All spa treatments and activities will need to be guaranteed with a credit card. ARRIVAL TIME Arrive up to 1 hour in advance of your spa treatment so that you can change, relax and enjoy the spa facilities. Please be advised that late arrivals will result in a reduction of treatment time or activity. The spa will provide luxurious towels, robes and slippers and any amenities required for use during your spa visit. GIFT CARDS An ideal gift for someone special. Please contact the reservations team for details. Please see spa reception for more information. AGE REQUIREMENTS We are delighted to offer spa treatments for teens over 16 years of age. Those under the age of 16 are eligible to receive hair and nail service 2ǒBBVFW "W6RFR7f6ƗFW2V6R6F7BFR&W6W'fF0FVf"FWF2G&VFVG2f&Rf"VrwVW7G24U%d4R4$tR$4U0f"W"6fVV6R#R6W'f6R6&vRv&PFFVBFW"&f"6W'f6W2FR6W'f6R6&vPv&RF7G&'WFVBFFR7FW&7G2B7W'B7Ff`v6W'fVBRGW&rW"7WW&V6R&6W0&R7V&V7BF6vRBFRFR6W'f6R6&vP27V&V7BF6W2FbR&6W2&R7V&V7BF6vRBFR44TDĔ5R6&vRv&R7W'&VBf"G&VFVB@66VVBBV7B#BW'2&"FW"66VGVVBFRFR'&f6'FVW"G&VFVBFR5UDTUEDPW"7Vf&VB2Rb&VFBG&VƗGV6R&W7V7B7wVW7G>( &vBF&f7@6W&VGFR726Rg&VRRऄTD4DD0FǒGf6RW2bVF6FF2W&vW2 W&W2v66VBffV7BW"66RbG&VFVBvVrW"7&W6W'fF$Tt5vRfR7V6ǒFW6vVBG&VFVG2f"WV7F@vV"W'6rFW'2V6RrW"7FVFwVFRR6VV7Frv6G&VFVG2&R7B7VF&PGW&rF27V6FRdT$U0֗&fƖfR&6R766WG2&W76&ƗGf"72bfV&W2BWvV'BFRFR7&V֗6W25B$U%E7B&W'GfVBFR&V֗6W26VB&RFV@B֗&fƖfR&6R7&V6WFFV2v&R7F&VBf"RFbFW&RB6V7FVBvFF2FRFWv&RFFVBF66&FW2ƗVG2VFW&v&VG2B"''W6W2&RWBf"#BW'0ǒ5TrU%0FF7VF( "fFХ5E$TDTBDU0FF7VF( "FФ&76vW2&Rf&RW6W6fVǒFwVW7G07FrB&6&V6&W6'B&WGvVVVFFǒ&76vRW7B&RFRBV7@F&VRW'2Gf6R4E$TDTBDU0FF7VF( "FФE%$"U%0FFg&F( "vFХ6GW&F( "FХ7VF( "FwУ@