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EXPRESS MANICURE AND PEDICURE NAIL THERAPIES Begin with an effervescent soak, comprised of certified organic oils and minerals. A hydrating lotion is then applied to cleanse and moisturize the skin. Nails are buffed, filed, trimmed and painted to your liking. MANICURE – 30 MINUTES – $50 PEDICURE – 30 MINUTES – $65 MONARCH ULTIMATE MANICURE OR PEDICURE Breathe deep. In this all-natural ingredient manicure, your skilled technician will provide a nail and skin consultation to determine which products are required to help with any possible concerns. Inhale the fragrant essences while a light scrub exfoliate the hands and arms or feet and legs, followed by a hydrating mask. Close your eyes and turn inward as we treat you to a hot stone massage and shoulder wrap completing this blissful manicure or pedicure with a firming cream and hydrating seaweed oil. MONARCH ULTIMATE MANICURE 75 MINUTES – $85 MONARCH ULTIMATE PEDICURE 75 MINUTES – $100 DEBORAH LIPPMANN SIGNATURE MANICURE OR PEDICURE Let your senses escape to FRG&722G2@&2"fVWBBVw2&R6FVBvFw&Vg'V@B6V6B67'V"FV76vVBvFv&&V@bfF֖RW&RvFR&B66WB6V'WGFW"Bf6F7&V627GW&R@VfW2W"G2"fVWB6gBB6FDU$U0T4TTE0DT$$ĕ4tEU$R5U$PCRԔUDU2( 2CsE$Dr$ddB"d@E$TDTBRԔUDU2CCPe$T4ĕ4RԔUDU2CPtT$Td3ԔUDU2C3DT$$ĕ4tEU$RTD5U$PcԔUDU2( 2CP