Mining Mirror May 2018 - Page 34

Cradle to grave Making abnormal loads cheaper A convoy of very long loads carried by Transcon. A haulage company specialising in heavy and long-length loads is offering discounted rates on specific national routes within South Africa. The offer, which targets heavy machinery, overhead cranes, crane test weights, and awkwardly shaped loads awaiting road transport from major ports to Gauteng, comes f rom Transcon Haulers, a Johannesburg- based company with a varied and adaptable fleet of 22‑wheeler horse and low-bed trailer sets, extendable trailers, and specialised, steerable dollies to manage over-length freight. Loads of 20‑foot and 40-foot shipping containers and large machinery of similar size are routine cargoes for Transcon. Extendable low-beds are used for very large machinery of up to 30 tons. The company’s long-length load capability is impressive, with steerable dollies recently negotiating the 4 185km of road between Johannesburg and Kitwe for a cargo of twin steel crane girders measuring 35m in length. The company’s current record for over-length loads is 40m, when various goods were carried between Cape Town and Johannesburg late last year. [32] MINING MIRROR MAY 2018 A steerable dolly from Transcon Haulers with a load for the road.