Mining Mirror May 2017 - Page 9

Exploration and projects location of infrastructure, as well as process and associated elements deemed valuable; however, the risk is limited as Anglo American Platinum has high security measures in place to prevent illegal mining in all their mining operations. “We have a secure environment within our mines, and as with all our metal, security is a priority when transporting our products to market,” says Wolfe. Other initiatives At the Amandelbult complex, the company has implemented Social and Labour Plan (SLP) initiatives, which include the provision of water and sanitation infrastructure, provision of equipment for the local health clinic, renovation of a stadium to cater for more sporting codes, installation of high mast lights, construction and equipping of a sewing factory and retail store facility, and refurbishment of the Modise Secondary School and the Ga-Ramokoka Tribal office to ensure that community members have access to decent facilities. From the event, and the executives and community leaders present, it seems as if the partnership is mutual and one that both parties look forward to nurturing. The chrome plant is another extension of where Anglo American Platinum is cementing its relationship in the community, as well as showing its heightened interest in improving the lives of those around them. It is a well-known fact that mining contributes the most to the functioning of the South African economy. The plant will add an even greater contribution, considering that it will be a player in the steel industry. b Processed chrome from the plant. MAY 2017 MINING MIRROR [7]