Mining Mirror May 2017 - Page 40

Marketplace Super-fast detection launched Global equipment supplier Takraf Africa has recently refurbished a dust extraction system, which the company installed more than 20 years ago, at Tronox’s Namakwa Sands Mineral Separation Plant (MSP) at Koekenaap in South Africa’s Western Cape. While the refurbished system has the same capacity as the original, it now features increased dust collection efficiencies to meet new and more stringent environmental regulations. Operating on the West Coast of South Africa, Tronox Namakwa Sands mines and beneficiates heavy minerals to produce titanium dioxide feedstock (chloride and sulphate grades), zircon, rutile, and high purity iron products. Takraf Africa’s scope of work covered refurbishing the existing Tenova Reverse Pulse Bagfilter systems, thereby making modifications to optimise the ducting system and equipping the filters with new filter bags. Handling ilmenite, rutile, and zircon dust and reducing the dust load from 15 grams per cubic attometre (g/Am3) to less than 20mg/Am3, the refurbished Tenova Reverse Pulse Bagfilters collect dust from various dust sources in the MSP building via the partially new ducting system. Dust disposal is by means of a new double flap valve below each trough hopper and into a dust sealed mobile dust skip. Wirtgen SA, local subsidiary of the Wirtgen Group, recently put its 2200SM surface miner to the test by conducting a series of demonstrations and trials under local conditions. According to Mike Newby, mineral technologies at Wirtgen SA, the compan H[Yœ[\HXY\X\[H[YX][HH HZ[\[ 'HXX[H[X][HZ[\X]\X[H\\][[X[\Z[[Z\B۝[Z[][ۋ][]ܝ\\[\XHYH[ܙH[H[B\][ۋ8'H^\]؞K\YX[][]\[H[[ [XBX]]HYY[ \ Y [[X\Hܝ\\XK8'[ۙ]\X[HYXY\[[\\XZY[\HYۚYX[B[ܙX\Y XZ[܈HXX[H]]X]H\][ۘ[[X[ۂ]H\X[]Y\8'HY]؞K\[x&\ H[[ۜ][ۜ˜Y[]Y\[]\[\[X[[K\HHXX[x&\\ܛX[HݙY]ܝ[[\[Z[\ˈقHZ[YX]\X[ MH\ L[K[[\۝[ ]\ [[H^HX H\\[ M H]]HYY܂[[\[[[X\Hܝ\[8%[][^XY\[\[Y]\˂]\\H\\YHX[[]\XHYX\\[X] LH L HۈH[X[KY\XB H[HYK][[ܝ\[H[[Y[]\XH۝HZ[\&H ]ۈ\X[]Y[\X܈][[H[[[K[[[[\X[ۈ]\XXݙ\ ۛ\\\  H[[\\[Y\ۜY\[H[[YX]BX[ۈ]\Y\HY [Y[[\X[ۈY\[[^\H]\YHX[ۈ]H\[ܙH[  'HXX[H\[]H\[[ۙH[\\[]ܙX]\[8'H^\]؞K8'\YX[][X[\و[ \K[[\\[[HYX][HZ[Y[X][KX\[H\\][HXHH\K'B\[x&\[[[[ۜ][ۈوH HXH][\[\[Z[H[[X\]H[X\BؚX]H[\ݙHHZY[]HX[ۈ[ 8'H HZ[YYH[X][K\\][[H\B[[\[] X[[\[H[]Z[[X[۝[Z[][ۈ[ܝ\[\]Z\Y ۘBYZ[HXX[HݙY]ܝ[\۝^[Z[HX[Y[Y[^\Y]]\٘X[ۈ]HXX[x&\œ\ܛX[K[Z][[\[Y[H H[]\HڙX8'H^\]؞K\[\XHZ[\ٙ\][Y[[H H H[][\و]Y[ H[ KH\[Hݙ\HHو\ܛX[H[[\  [[Z[[]\XY[H۝^[܈[ \[\[H\ݙ\ L \XHZ[\[\][ۈ\[HؙK][ܙH[ LXYX[HZ[[[[[ޘ[X\]YKHT[XK]\[XK]\K[K[[ܙK\\X][ۜ[YH]^]K[Y\ۙK\ۈܙK\[K[ ]K[[[X\]K]YۙK[][ܘ[]KHRSSRTԈPVH M“\[H\Yٙ