Mining Mirror May 2017 - Page 25

support the vibrating screen, but also to behave like a filter that isolates the building structure from the dynamics of the vibrating screen. If the vibrating screen has not been assembled and tested under ideal conditions, or the surface area where the screen is installed is not level, the equipment will be damaged. “Under sub-optimal conditions, the vibrating screen and the panel twists, and the material to be sized is thus not distributed evenly over the entire surface area of the screen. On an uneven surface, the material collects only on one side of the screen, which adversely affects the efficiency of the equipment,” says Mayhew-Ridgers. Other possible consequences of a twisted vibrating screen caused by an uneven ground surface includes bolt da vR7&62@FW"fW&W2FR6FRFRvRFP67&VVV2FVBFvV"fbVWfVǐ6W'F6&W'2vVFR67&VVp7W&f6R2B6FWr&FvW'262f'&Fp67&VV27VffW"FR7BFvRFW VvVW&VB67&VVVFVFG&W72667&VVp&&V26VFr&VGW&PvV"g&F'&6fRfW2'&VvRg&Vg&VBFWF2VvvrB&ƖFr#rԔrԕ%$ #5Ф4D^( 26ƖVBfG6r67&VV2&VfPVV6W76'vVvBFVƗfW&rvvW"FvVv@&FB&VGV7FvW"67VFषvFFV&RFV667&VVFRf7FvW2b&W&Ff 6WFBFVƗfW'֖rf7W0