Mining Mirror May 2017 - Page 18

Excursion right in 2006. “We thus had a lot of data and information available,” says Tripathi. The company began drilling the area in earnest in January 2011, while the scoping and environmental studies were initiated in 2012 and the mining right submitted in February 2013. “It has been a long process to become fully compliant, and we encountered a lot of challenges along the way,” says Tripathi. According to Shezi, Atha has complied with all the necessary requirements to be given permission to mine. “We cannot grant permission for mining- related activities to take place until the applicant has received authorisation from the relevant organs of state that have jurisdiction in respect of the activity, including a water use license, a mining right, and an approved environmental management plan (EMP), as well as an environmental authorisation.” “The company has submitted all the necessary documentation and reports, including the EMP, Mining Works Programme, and Social Labour Plan,” says Shezi. These reports provide full details [16] MINING MIRROR MAY 2017 of the potential effects and the mitigation measures that have been undertaken by the holder to be implemented throughout the life of the mine. “Atha has demonstrated that they have access to financial resources and the technical ability to conduct the mining activities and implement the proposed mitigation measures. In addition, the economic situation in the Wakkerstroom area will be improved through job creation in the area. Supplementary mitigation measures have been considered by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) through the authorisation to mine in a protected environment,” says Shezi. Lessons learnt In hindsight, Tripathi says several lessons have been learnt during the process. The road to complianc ݅́Ёȁѡ)ݡЁѡ䁥ѥ䁕٥ͅ+q!ݕٕȰݔ݅́ݽɭ)հѥݥѠ)ѡɕЁх̳t́ͅQɥѡ)eɵ币́ѕѼɽՍЀȸ)ѽ́ȁ啅ȁɽ)չɝɽչݥٔ)ɔѡ܁啅̸ѡ՝ѡ)ɕͽɍ́Ѐāѽ̰(ѽ́ݥ)ٕȁѡ5Ёѡ́)ݥѕq]ݥٔɔѡ(ѡ́չɝɽչѼ)ɕٕЁՉͥt́ͅQɥѡ)QЁ٥ɽхɸ)Ѽѡݕѱ̰ЁɑѼ)M餰ѡ́Ё͔͕ɥ)ѡɕЁѼѡݕѱ七q ͔)ݥхչɝɽչ)ѡѼѡə٥ɽ)́ѕUЁ)ͻeЁɕեɔɕձȁѥtͅ)M餸!ݕٕȰ́Ёѡ)ѡɔɔյȁɥͭ́ͽѕ)ݥѠչɝɽչѡ̸+qUɝɽչ́ѡѕѥ)ȁչ͕́Չͥ)Qɔ́ͼѡȁѡЁѡ)ɕ͔ѽ᥌չ́Ѽѡ)݅ѕȳt́ͅM餸́݅ѕȁх́)ɵհɅѥ́Ʌ́)䁵х̰Ё́хи)Q́хѕ݅ѕȁєѡ