Mining Mirror May 2017 - Page 14

Global news Bulgaria ADTs lighten the coal burden The haulers need to be maintained every 500 hours of operation, and when they are working virtually all day, every day, each machine needs to be serviced every 21 days. O n the outskirts of the Stara Zagora Province in Bulgaria, the Maritsa Iztok coal mine is a beehive of activity. A convoy of construction equipment traverses the enormous 240km2 site day and night. The tonnes and tonnes of coal extracted each year accounts for about 30% of the energy needed by Bulgaria to keep the lights burning. Since the mid-twentieth century, the state-owned mine has extracted lignite — or brown coal — from Maritsa Iztok, the largest energy complex in south-eastern Europe. It produces more than 23 million tonnes of coal annually. Most of this coal supplies three local thermal power plants. To keep the coal supply flowing — and Bulgaria running — much of the mining groundworks is carried out by Globus, a contracting company based 50km away in Stara Zagora city, which is a stone’s throw away from the mine. The work includes shifting three million cubic meters of overburden every year from the mine. Its removal, which ranges between 10 and 15m (6.2–9.3ft) in thickness, reveals the raw lignite below. Due to its relatively shallow depth bene Ѡѡѣéəє)́ͥ䁅ͥѥձɱ)չЁѡ5ɥ̈́%ѽ%)а ձɥ́ѕͥٔͥ́)ݥѠѥѕиԁѽ)єɕ̸͕ٕ)lt5%9%95%II=H5d)Iѡɥ̰ݕٕȰ́)ݥѡЁ̸́ȁᅵ)ѡеȁɅѥ́)ɵ́չЁɅϊd(ɽЁፅمѽ́)ݡ̸+qUѥɕѱ䰁ݔ͕ɽ)Ս́Ѽѡє݅䁙ɽ)ѡͥєѼѡɽͥ)гt́ͅMѽ典I͕ذɅ)ȁЁ̸q!ݕٕȰѡ)Օɔѡݽɬɕեɕ)ѡՍ́ѼɅє)͠ѥ̰ɕձѥ)ፕͥٔѕɕ)̰́ݕ́ɅѥՕ́Ք)Ѽݹѥt)ݥѠٕȵչѥ)ѽхЁݹ͡)ѡЁЁեх)əɵɅ)́ѼЁѡ́)ѡͥєѕȁѕѥمɥ䁽)́ɽɕЁՙɕ̰)ѡՍݥѠ)ѥձѕձ́ɽYټ )M԰́́ɍ͕)ȁ͕Yټѥձѕ)ձ̰ٔ܁ѥձѕ)ձ̰0Ёȸ)ѡ́ݕɔ)ЁȰM ձɥ)ݽɬɽչѡѡ)5ɥ̈́%ѽ)Qхѥս́ɽՍѥ)ѡѥձѕձ́ɔե)ݥѠɅ䵑ͥɽѕѕ)̸Q䵑䁙ɽЁ)ɕȁɅ̰эݕЁͬɅ)ɕՍѕ́ɕ͔)ѥѡ)ѥձѕձ́ѡ)ȁѡ)!Ѽѡ)ѥ́Mݡ)ٕمѥٔɽѼ)ɽ٥ѡЁ͕٥ͥ)Q͡Սѕ)UH ͥє͕٥݅ɕ͔)ɕձѥѕ)ȁѼɔݹѥ́)Ѽͽєմ+qQձ́Ѽх)ٕ́Ʌѥ)ݡѡeɔݽɭ٥Յ䁅)䰁ٕ䁑䰁́Ѽ)͕٥ٕā̳t)!ɥ́ ̰Ʌȁ)M ձɥq]׊eٔ)̰Ё́)́Ѽ͕٥ɽ՝䁕ٕݼ)̸QɅȁȁѼ)ɅٕѼɽѡͥєٕ䁙)́Ё݅ͻeЁɅѥͼݔѼ)ѡȁͽѥt)Q͕٥ͽѥ́ɽٕ)ѼՍ̸qQ݅ɕ͔)х́ѡɕեɕɔ)ѡȁ͕͔́Ѽ)ѡ́ͥє)ͥєեݡt)́ͅ ̸