Mining Mirror May 2017 - Page 12

News SA NEEDS CONSISTENT POLICY It is crucial for the South African government to realise that policy needs to be consistent. This is according to Praveer Tripathi, senior vice-president at Atha Africa. Atha is developing a coal project close to Wakkerstroom in Mpumalanga. “During our application for the environmental authorisations, the regulations probably changed three or four times. There was the 2010 regulation, then the 2014 regulation, another modification here, something new there. The South African regulatory environment is extremely confusing,” says Tripathi. According to Tripathi, some sections of the new environmental regulations are very poorly drafted, and it leads to a lot of confusion about the applicability of certain sections. “What you need is for the process to be simplified, so that an applicant can get the authorisation or the rejection within three months. These are the things that matter,” says Tripathi. With rapid changes in information technology, big data, digitisation, and robotics, South Africa really should get its act together — especially in the regulatory space — if the country wants to take advantage of what has been referred to as the ‘fourth industrial revolution’. “It will hit us so soon that we won’t be prepared to deal with it,” adds Tripathi. TIME TO GO ELECTRIC Although South African original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Bell Equipment does not build any electric or hybrid drive underground machines yet, Tristan du Pisanie, ADT product marketing manager at Bell, tells Mining Mirror that it is an area that Bell is interested in. Bell manufactures both surface and underground articulated dump trucks (ADTs). Du Pisanie says there are two big potential benefits in using electric technology underground. “Firstly, it does not produce problematic exhaust gases, so the underground ventilation requirements are less. Secondly, the efficiency of conversion from electric energy to wheel drives is much higher than the conversion efficiency from diesel to wheel dr ]KH[[[وX]][[XXZXHX\š\]X\ˈ\[Y][\]Z\[Y[8'B^\H\[YKH[[H܈[XX\]Z\Y[\H[\B[]Hو]\Y\8%]\\HX\\Y\Y\[ 8'\\[\XH][\ݙ\]\HYX\Y [][H[\\[YH[˜[H[H]\K[\X[]H\[[HXX[\ٙ[XX[\ˈ\[ܚ܂[ Y\X\Y][YH[[]][ܚ[]^[[ۈ\X\8'HYH\[YKLHRSSRTԈPVH M\[[ݙ\[ۈ]^\\وHX]Z\][ۈX[]]]\YYYRSK[\Y\[Z[\[X]Z\HH IH[\\[[Y]H\[H\YܙYYX[]]BH[H[Hۙ\\وۙHو[Y]&\XXۛZX[\\Y[QJH\\˂\[[[Y]][\ܝ^ۈ 8&\X]Z\][ۈوHۋB[[\\[HQH\Z[[[Y]ˈH^ۈ[X[ۂXH[HH\[H\[YX][ۜX]]YX]Z\KB[ۈو]YXZ[\[ܜܘ][ۈHH]^ܛ\K\[[Y]X[H[[Y]]X]Z\Y[H\\[H]^[]YXZ[\[ܜܘ][ۋH\[HX\Y[ۙ][ۘ[\ݘ[HH\]][ۈ[Z\[ۈ܈H[X[ۋXܙ[ܝ[B[ژ\[S]\[Z[\[[\X][ۈ[\\وX[ۈ LHقHZ[\[[]][H\\\][Y[Xو TJH܂HZ[\\X[ۜ[HX]Z\][ۈ\Y]H\\Y[قZ[\[\\\[\\[HZ[][X]Y '\[[Y]\[Y[YY\وYX][Y[]]HY[YܙY[Y[8'H^\[ژ\[˂\[Z[\[&Hܝ[[Y\[Y][K\ۈܙK[[[ܙY[Y[\][]\YXH[XYY\\H\[x&\[Y][BڙX[YHH[[K][\[\ۈܙH[][][BڙXˈ\\[ܙKH\[HۜH[[H[ڙX[B[X[[ڙX X\Z[][Y\ۙHوXYY\\&\XY[š[\[[\X\˂Xܙ[[ژ\[\[8&\\[ۈ\XYHH\\X[Yܘ]Y[X\H[Y][HX\YۙYX Y YܘYB\]ˈ\[Y\H][Y[[[[ۈوHHو[Y][B[Hܛ[ؘ[[\HܘYHX\]Y\[[\KB\[x&\[\HܘYH][ۜݚY\8'[H[X[܈[Y][B[XZ[\[H[ܙY[Hܛ[Y[[\K\[Z[\[˜[Y]\\H\Hۙ[X[܈[[Z[[YۚYX[ؘ[[Y][B[X[\HHH\ Yܛ[[\HܘYHX\] \X[\HYH\H[Y[ۈو[Y][HY]\Y\8'H^\[ژ\[˂]\\HX•]\]Z[X[]H[]\\H\HX]\YX\&\[X[Z[[[XB[\Hۋ[Y[XݙH]\YHZ[X\ۈ\YYH[YY\žYX\]\YXH\[Xݙ\[HH]\][Y X[\XY[XܜوHXۛ^H]\[K[Y[HZ[[[\K']\\]H\[[[\[[Y[[HHZ[[[\K8'B[H[\X[Y\و[\ۛY[[[[Z\H]Y؞H[Z[[Z\܋\]H]\[\[\Y\^YY[H]\[Y\\Y[Z[[XXYX\HZ[[[\H\]HHX[X[[\Xۈ\\H\\K][YH\Y[ۙH[\ݙHHZ[[[\x&\[XYKZ[\۝[YH˜\HHYXHوZ[ܘ[ \[H\\[]\˂Y\[Y\KX[Y\وHؘ[[]\ܚ\\\X\ܘ[[YB]]\H\X[ۜ[\][ۘ[ ZY]\\]][ۈ]Y[XۛZXXܜ™܈X\]\[ܙX\\[[^\YXH]\[XYH[ܙX\[B[\ܝ[܈HZ[[X܋'HXܸ&\X]]H[X[[]]\\Y\\\YܙH[Y[XB[YH[][[H۝^وY\[X]\XܙX\Y]\]Z[X[]K[[ܙX\Y\]][ۋ8'HZYY\KXܙ[[\HZ[[X܈[]YXH\\X] IHوB][ۘ[]\\H[\\\]\۝X]H HوH[x&\\XK8']H[ܙX\Y]\ܝYKZ[[\[Y\Xܛ]\YXB]H\Y\[[[YYYYܝ܈]\ۜ\][ۈ[\H\Z[XH\K[Y\YY\و]\K]\H\]HX]Y[\Z[XH[Y[][Y[ [Z]Y][ۈو][ۈ\\\H[[ۈYX\\\H[\H\YYݙ\H\]YX\8'HZY[\