Mining & Minerals Product Review Jul/Aug Vol 6 No 4 (interactive)

ISSN 2219-0880 R49.70 NEW PRODUCTS • DEVELOPMENTS • TECHNOLOGY • INNOVATIONS VOL 6 NO 4 BRINGING BUYER AND SUPPLIER TOGETHER July | August 2013 Botswana gets familiar with its coal By: Busisiwe Dhlamini – staff writer MINING AND ENGINEERING > FEATURE Huge amounts of coal have been discovered in Botswana and this has resulted in the government going out of its way to maximise on this resource. The Botswana government has for the past 10 years encouraged the exploration of all minerals, which has led to the discovery of a great amount of coal. Whilst this alone has had a positive impact on the economy, Charles Siwawa, CEO of the Botswana Chamber of Mines, points out that this will only improve once the mining of coal gets ahead. “There is currently only one coal mine in Botswana: Morupule mine. It supplies coal to the only electricity-generating power station in the country and only has minimal export quantity.” Botswana intends to export over 100 Megatons of coal per annum once a suitable railway has been constructed leading to the ports of the country. The coal for export has to be washed to remove inclusions. These middlings (the by-product of washing the coal) have the potential of fueling around 3000 MW – power equivalent to three times the amount of Medupi power station in Limpopo. Maximising on Botswana’s coal Beginning last year stakeholders were invited to the launch of Botswana’s Coal Road Map, an initiative aimed at converting Botswana’s coal resource into revenue. At the launch, the government shared insight on how the road map’s objective would be achieved. “The roadmap looks at what is available in the country and where. It also looks at how to access this coal, and creates platforms to take this to the market,” says Siwawa. Experts recently met at a Coal Botswana conference to discuss economic diversification, challenges, new opportunities and new projects in the coal industry. Siwawa, one of the speakers at this year’s Coal Botswana, highlighted how coal can boost the country’s economy. “The market is readily available for our coal, more specifically India and China. The issue is to get the coal from a landlocked country to the ports for export. It is important that railway lines be constructed to carry this coal to the ports in our neighbouring countries of South PAGE CONTENTS 03 05 08 14 RELATED LINK Health and Safety Management Mining and Engineering Sustainability Training Transport/Mobility Cleaning up chemical spills Keeping track of personnel The splice of life (for conveyors) Feel the power 15 16 Speak true body language The bulk of it all The transportation of Botswana’s coal is one of the biggest challenges. | Interact with your industry Mining & Minerals Product Review • July | August 2013