Mining & Minerals Product Review January/February 2018

1 ISSN 2219-0880 R133.00 NEW PRODUCTS • DEVELOPMENTS • TECHNOLOGY • INNOVATIONS VOL 10 NO 6 BRINGING BUYER AND SUPPLIER TOGETHER January | February 2018 Monitoring machine performance is vital By Dineo Phoshoko PWC’s SA Mine seventh edition states that South Africa saw a 20% decline in equipment productivity over the past seven years – in response to this, Geotab Africa has launched a new tracking tool. Monitoring machine performance becomes essential in identifying factors that lead to a decline in equipment productivity. Once these factors are identified, there is an opportunity to fix it and therefore it is possible to achieve maximum performance from the equipment, which is beneficial to the operational efficiency of the mine. Source and Destination is Geotab’s cost-effective tracking tool which measures productivity and monitors the performance of heavy earth moving equipment used in open pit mines. “Having real-time information available on equipment performance, productivity attributes and employee achievement, results in faster improvements to the cost versus allowable model,” says Aveng Moolmans’ planning manager, Shayne Wright. How it works Source and Destination is comprised of Geotab’s GO device and open- platform fleet management software. The GO device can be installed across all brands of yellow machines and is easily expandable to read information from various sensors such as the bucket tipping signal from a dump truck. The solution can tally loads and record different variables such as loading and tipping times. It is also able to record the length of time it takes for a hauling machine to load and then drop-off material at its destination. In addition, the device also singles out specific loading and hauling equipment, as well as the material they carry. The tool can measure vehicle downtime and operator efficiency, allowing for early identification of problem areas. Machine operators can tag in prior to using the equipment. All these statistics are made available through interactive live dashboards and customisable reports. The device is powered by the machine it is monitoring and does not rely on electricity to operate. The platform also allows users to geofence areas where materials are offloaded. Additional configuration includes specific materials that are loaded into the system and assigned to a specific loading machine. Therefore, the system can monitor the machine’s performance, considering several variables, such as the time it takes the machine to get to an assigned destination. This information is referred to as the base set of data. According to Romeo McKay, Geotab senior software engineer, Geotab has an open platform which allows for fine-grained Continued on page 2 PAGE 1 FEATURE Cover story feature Monitoring machine performance is vital 14 Transport/ Mobility feature Transport of mobility local is lekker with Sandvik 18 Events and Exhibitions Esor stole the (MTE) show PAGE Source and Destination from Geotab Africa measures productivity and monitors the performance of heavy earth moving equipment used in open pit mines. | Interact with your industry 3 5 8 16 17 PRODUCTS  Health and Safety Managament Mining and Engineering Sustainability Transport/Mobility January | February 2018 • Mining & Minerals Product Review