Miniature Horse World Magazine - Page 22

miniature tales GTR Patricks Vindicator By Sarah Nicole Schaaf I t’s with a heavy heart that I say the 2015 Horse Show season is officially over for Patrick and I. As far as “real” horse shows go, (where we competed) it was the worst year we’ve ever had. Three of the shows we’ve been attending for 13 years were canceled and the attendance at the others were beyond disappointing. I’m afraid that soon, only our sanctioned, qualifying shows will be left- but even those seem to have fewer people each year. This makes what Patrick and I do even more important. This year, more than ever, we showed thousands of people from across the world that Minis are MIGHTY. Being 21 years old has no negative effects on Patrick whatsoever- he just has more experience than anyone else out there! Our events and awards included: The Rolex Kentucky ThreeDay Event in April n Guest performers of The Kentucky Horse Park Breeds Barn in June, July, August and the last two weekends of October. n Various county fairs n Reach Out for Kosair Kids n KVMA Hall of Fame for being an Animal Ambassador, based on his work of breed promotion and heroic therapy work.  n Our 14th consecutive  Kentucky State Fair n Our 8th Breyerfest  n Bluegrass Festival Equine Demos n Our 7th Secretariat Festival n Churchill Downs  Family Day  n Keeneland paddock to represent the National Horse Show n Featured in the Purina Proud Campaign  n Demos at the National Horse Show 20 Miniature Horse World D E C E M B E R 2 0 15 Now it’s time for Patrick to take his 6th month vacation before Rolex 2016 (don’t we all wish we could live like Patrick?). I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for us- I know whatever it is Patrick The Miniature horse will always make me proud. You don’t need a title to be a champion- you just need love and dedication. That’s what makes Patrick the grandest champion of them all, in my book. I will try my best to finish illustrating the “Patrick Book” over winter breakI only have a few pages left. Every day I see Patrick’s popularity growing and hope with all my heart that my dream of him becoming a Breyer Model Horse will soon be granted. I’ve met so many wonderful people this year, and had the support of so many others. I could only tag a few on Facebook... just know that if you supported us, you’re included (especially all the members of the Bluegrass Miniature Horse Club). THANK YOU for everything. But the biggest thank you goes to Patrick, of course. Thank you for being my friend, my companion, my teacher for 17 years. For trying to do your best at all times, and for having the kindest soul of any creature, human or animal, I have ever seen. You’re a real hero, to me, to your fans, to the patients you visit, and to your friends.