Miniature Horse World Magazine - Page 93

6) I would imagine that in some cases, you might get to know a horse even better than the owners do. Do you share with them your insights into particular horses’ personalities? Of course, I am with the horses constantly so I get to know their personalities extremely well so I share as much as possible with the client as they typically only get to work with the horse at the show. In a short amount of time they have to figure out the training I have done and acclimate to the changes in the horse, so I try to share any insight and do whatever I can to help them succeed. 8) W  hat was your favorite horse show to attend so far? Las Vegas by far. The facility was great because it was all in one building, you could walk from your stalls right to the elevator and head up to your room where you could view the live show on your television! It was very well run show and the staff did everything they could to help us out. It was a great show to socialize with clients and fellow exhibitors because you never had to leave the facility. There were plenty of food options and usually everyone went to dinner together! Not to mention there were more spectators in the stands watching because people staying at the hotel could walk right down the hall and watch the show. 10) What advice would you give a young person who wants to follow in your footsteps? Work hard and take advice from everyone! Training horses isn’t easy. It’s not a 9-5 job. You have to be up early, work all day and then come home and your job still isn’t done. The work on show horses is a constant 24/7. You have to be 110% dedicated to your training, otherwise it is going to show in your results. There is one quote that sums me up fairly well: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. I like to think I do have talent, but I also work hard at perfecting it! 9) D  o you enjoy halter and performance classes? And do you have a favorite class? 7) L ooking back over all the horses you have handled, tell us the three or four that stole your heart. Every one of the horses I have worked with have definitely found a spot in my heart, but I would have to say the three that really stood out to me would be Vista Del Valle’s Catalina, Oak Bay Salsa Tomatillo and Vintage Farms Tuscan Tango.  These three have really developed me as a trainer and made it very enjoyable to work with because they have so much try and are always trying to please. I enjoy both halter and driving, but what really sets certain classes apart for me depends on the horse I’m showing. If the horse loves to drive and gives it his all in the ring it makes it so much more enjoyable. The same goes for a halter class. Some horses just have a burn and are always “ON” which makes it fun to show them. O ctober / N o v ember 2015 Miniature Horse World 91