Miniature Horse World Magazine - Page 90

Farm Prefix Reservations The following Standing Rule was passed by the AMHA Board of Directors at the 2007 Annual Meeting: PREFIX/SUFFIX APPLICATIONS All new prefix/suffix applications will be reviewed by the Registration Department for deceptive similarities. The prefix/suffix will be placed in the Miniature Horse World for one issue and on the AMHA website for 120 days prior to approval. The Registration Department will search for current prefix which are similar to the applied prefix and provide this information to the Board. The Board of Directors will review and approve all prefix/suffix applications after the 120 days and before the applicants can use the prefix. New registrations requesting the reserved Farm Prefix will be issued per normal procedure; however if the Farm Prefix name is denied for any reason, AMHA reserves the right to change the horse name. You will be contacted as soon as possible after the 120 day waiting period regarding any name changes. Prefix/Suffix: CR (SUFFIX)* DCI MIKASA MOSAIC UK * Used as a suffix only Owner Name: CINDY MCPIKE DEB ROGERS LISA HAWKINS SARAH WRIGHT The Exhibitors Prayer Dear Lord, I have been REAL GOOD. I have driven 500 miles with a surly father whobecause of my “allergies”- couldn’t smoke in the truck and had to catch a puff in the men’s room at every gas station…which, by the way, I know our truck gets better than 8 miles to the gallon. Back on track, anyway, I did not rile him or upset his ego for at least 250 of those miles, 350 maximum. I did not wait ‘til 50 miles past the last station to “hafta go”, but instead conformed my needs to his so that we were in “harmony” at least half the trip, quarter of the trip minimum. So, Sir, please look upon me with favor tomorrow when I enter the ring with my “pride and joy”. Let the judge smile kindly upon us and let us join the ranks of the famous and have our names be carved indelibly in the minds of all the other owner/breeders as having won “fairly and squarely”. Let my whites stay white at least until I can get my horse in the arena and remain somewhat white for the remainder of the day. Lead me not to the horse trough for touch ups. Let my horse not mistake me for a scratching post minutes before our class is called. Let me find my safety pins secured safely and soundly to each horse’s number and help me remember to leave them there between changes. Let me have enough confidence in my horse and myself to do the best that I can and to find that I am “enjoying” showing my horse whether or not we “win, place or show