Miniature Horse World Magazine - Page 86

eeping tips * horsekeeping tips * horsekeeping tips * horsekeeping eepingwhiletips * horsekeeping tips * grazing or eating hay may occasionally lead to choke. In addition, some horses horsekeeping tips * horsekeeping pick up rocks, sticks, or other objects in the them or just to play with tips them, * eepingpasture tipsto eat * horsekeeping and these objects may become lodged in the horsekeeping tips horsekeeping esophagus if the horse*swallows them. eepingIs tips * ahorsekeeping tips * choke serious problem? Why is a blocked an immediate horsekeeping tipsesophagus * horsekeeping problem for the horse? After all, horses breathe through their mouths the way * eepingcan’ttips * horsekeeping tips people can, so the blockage should only horsekeeping * horsekeeping inhibit furthertips swallowing, right? While it’s true that choking horses are not in danger of eepingsuffocation, tips *thehorsekeeping tips * situation can become serious if the obstruction If enough horsekeeping tipsis not* removed. horsekeeping saliva is lost and the horse is unable to drink, eepingdehydration tips * horsekeeping tips * is a possibility. Esophageal tissues at the blockage site begin to swell and horsekeeping tips * horsekeeping may become so irritated that they ulcerate. Scar tissue from this type of injury greatly eepingincreases tipsthe* chance horsekeeping tips * that the horse will choke again. horsekeeping tips * horsekeeping eepingPossibly tips the * horsekeeping tips