Miniature Horse World Magazine - Page 66

During my two-month stay I learned lots of things about minis. They are so much fun to be a around too. I took some very goofy selfies with them. Minis are so clever and funny, each one has its own features and preferences, you’ll never meet two minis that are exactly the same. And yes, they may look like smaller versions of “regular sized“ horses but there are still a few things about minis and their care that are different to big horses. The most significant difference is -surprise, surprise- you cannot ride them. Also, most Miniature horse owners that show their horses, give their minis a whole body clip, which I’ve never seen with big horses. Plus, of course, literally everything that has to do with minis; their stalls, blankets, halters, roundpen, the amount of food they eat… is very small. Except for their teeth. Minis have teeth almost the same size of big horses teeth, which often cause them trouble in their tiny mouths. This I learned from the Miniature horse dentist Carl Mitz from Texas, who flew to New England to treat the teeth of the minis there. It was quite impressive to watch him. He handled the horses so well, they didn’t even move when he pulled their teeth. Together with her friend and mini horse trainer Clinton Jury, she taught me how to drive a mini, which is really fun. Thanks to Clinton, in the end I was even able to drive my favorite Dayspring Star Of The Morning aka “Nate the Great“, an opinionated mini and a very fancy mover. Moreover, I got to jump Lucky, which involved a lot of running (at the end of a training session I was more exhausted than Lucky). After I had spent a lot of time with the minis I thought it couldn’t get any cuter. But again I was wrong. Karen took me to her friend Kristina Slobody’s farm, Sawmill River Farm, where I got to see many, many, mini horse babies! They were so tiny and sweet, all I wanted to do was cuddle with them. While teaching me all important stuff about caring for minis (feeding, clipping etc.), Karen also showed me what you can actually do with them and how you exercise minis. Within a few weeks she practiced long lining one of her horses, LM Idols Cuervo Straight (Lucky) with me. Dayspring Star Of The Morning (Nate the Great) with Sophie at the whip. Clinton Jury giving her a