Miniature Horse World Magazine - Page 52

mini scoop continued As it turned out, Lisa was shocked to see TWO horses, but decided that she couldn’t choose between the two, so she was going to buy both.  Tina revealed that about a year ago after a wonderful evening with Lisa and Ken, she asked herself what could she get a person who had everything?  Then she thought, Lisa loves animals, I love horses, how about a tiny Miniature horse?  She discarded the thought, then a year later Lisa came up with the very same idea!  What is it they say about great minds? Send us your best shots for a chance to see your photos in the Miniature Horse World or on the AMHA website and win some GREAT PRIZES too! I guess I will have to set my DVR to record  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills next season so I can keep an eye on our pretty pair!  Stay tuned… airport.  When we got there I wasn’t sure where to go, so pulled into the parking lot and called Tina.  She told me to pull out on to the tarmac and gave me the plane’s number.  She said her husband and son, (who is their pilot) were already there and she was about 15 minutes away.  We pulled our mini pickup and mini trailer out to the plane.  When we unloaded the horses we drew a crowd of workers and debarking passengers from each plane, who came to check out the horses. Here are the rules: The birthday boy, Ken Todd We took some pictures with Tina and her son/pilot, Houston, then we loaded the horses into the plane, a Cessna Mustang.  They had removed two seats, put down a tarp and had it nicely bedded with shavings for the four hour trip to the west coast. Once the horses arrived and the party was done, Tina texted me that the buyer was Lisa Vanderpump and the horses were gifts for her husband, Ken Todd.  A day later I was at the USDA waiting to get paperwork for horses going to Mexico, a friend called me and said, “Your horses are on TV.  They were just featured on TMZ.”  From there the publicity has been fun to follow. 50 Miniature Horse World O ctober / N o v ember 2 0 1 5 v Photos must be high resolution images (300 dpi) to be considered. Print images must be 4X6 or larger. v Horses featured must be AMHA registered. Submit the horse’s full registered name, owners name and photographers name when sending photos. v Deadline for entries is January 4, 2016 v All entries become the property of AMHA. The MHW reserves the right to publish photos in future editorial and advertising. v Awards to be announced. Email your photos to: Or mail to: AMHA, 5601 S. Interstate 35 W Alvarado, TX 76009