Miniature Horse World Magazine - Page 24

treasurer’s report by Frank Lupton I am writing this report on August 28, 2015, to meet the production deadline for the world show issue of the World magazine. Since it is impossible to know all of the interesting, wonderful, boring or horrendous things that will have happened between now and when you read this report , what makes sense is to give you facts that are not likely to change. The regional championship shows have come and gone and they left behind some good news. All three shows made a profit for the second year in a row. The Eastern show is the big winner, contributing $18,838 in profit and beating budget by $1,650. The Western show made $4,869 in profit, but was budgeted to make $9,047 so came in $4,178 under expectations. Fortunately the Central show slightly more than doubled the profit from 2014, bringing in $9,372 in profit and finishing $4,864 over the profit budget. The Central show more than made up for the downfall from the Western show and the three shows combin