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president’s message by Sid Hutchcraft A Time for Support W e will soon be provided the list of candidates for the 2016-2018 AMHA Board of Directors elections in Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 12. Without a doubt, there will be several new members nominated to serve on the BOD in most, if not all, of these Regions. These nominees will all be interested AMHA members seeking election to the Board by their fellow area members. I am confident all of these AMHA members will be interested, supportive, loyal members who can bring progressive thoughts and recommendations to AMHA. Once elected however, in order for them to be successful, they will need your complete support and understanding. AMHA Board members must be good leaders and deserving of complete trust. Trust can be difficult to build, but it is easy to lose. This is partly because people usually start with a distrustful mind-set. As a leader, one must work hard at earning trust, fostering that trust by showing loyalty, and supporting the team--members and subordinates--fully. Leaders have to prove that they are trustworthy by word and deed, and then prove themselves all over again. Even then, a few people will continue to believe that they have a hidden agenda, however many assurances and reassurances they may have received. Leaders must start from the assumption that they will be trusted and are trustworthy. Then, if they are honest, keep their promises, and play fair with people, trust will follow. Leadership is a multi-dimensional function, requiring knowledge and understanding of many organizational or association needs. As a leader, a Board member must master the various roles that are required to handle different people/members and circumstances with skill and efficiency. Often, important decisions must be made with little advance notice and time for consideration. And in many cases these decisions may not be popular with some members. To make proper decisions, Board members must keep knowledgeable and aware of association needs, problems, and challenges. Good communication with other Board members, as well as the general membership, is an absolute necessity. How well the new Board members lead others will be the prime factor in the future success of AMHA. To be effective leaders, Board members must facilitate, inspire, and implement, rather than just control. A leader must always be aware of the ultimate goals of the association and know how their own objectives fit in with them. Working together toward a shared goal can give members a sense of ownership and responsibility, and will create an atmosphere of team spirit within our association. In closing, let me say it is always an anxious time for me each fall to see who will serve on the new Board of Directors for the coming year. The decisions made by the AMHA members in each area, when they mark their ballots for the election of directors, are very important and will determine whom the future leaders for AMHA will be. However, equally as important is the pledge each and every AMHA member should make to support their new leaders and to positively communicate with them. These leaders need your understanding and positive thinking as we all work together to better AMHA for our members and continue to protect and provide credibility for the registry of our wonderful, talented AMHA Miniature Horses. 18 Miniature Horse World O ctober / N o v ember 2 0 1 5