Miniature Horse World Magazine - Page 158

What’s the Name? R ecently, a member asked a logical question for someone new to the AMHA registry, “What do those letters or the first part of my horse’s name mean?” In reply I answered that many farms reserve their farm names, initials, etc with the AMHA and then name each horse they produce with that prefix. It is a quick way to identify where certain horses originated (a brand of sorts) and it’s an easy way to identify about how many horses each farm has produced. So the prefix or first part of the name probably stood for a farm name or had some significance with the breeder of your horse. AMHA began reserving Farm Prefixes at its inception in 1978 with two of the earliest being Lil Bit and Hidden Meadows. These were the first farm prefixes in a long line of reserved farm names and abbreviations that were to come. Although no official count was done, it is estimated there are thousands of farm prefixes with new names constantly being added. Here is just a sample of some clever and quirky names breeders have reserved for their farm’s use. Small Connotations Demitasse Inch High Knee High La Petite Lil Bums Micro Dots Mini Muncher Mini Sota Mini Trots Mini R Us Mouse House Munchkinland Petite Pony Quarter Pints Short Acres Short Story Short Stuff Ranch Smallville Sure Small Sweet and Low T 9 E Acres Tiny Town Tiny Trotters Wee Mite Wee Whinny Acres Unusual or So Sweet It Hurts Buck On By George C-Spots Cart Wheel Cottontails Crayon Box Dinnerbell Fairy Tails Finally Persuaded (Frank or Julia Hoftyzer) Find UR Destiny Foalie A Deux Giddy Up Holymoly Ineeda Mini Kik N Back Mascot Mini Persuasions Mini Reasons My Cuppa Tea Never Say Never Oh Heres Heaven Oz’s Pasture Puppy Picme Piddy Paddocks R Hossy N Das So Chic Tea Cup Texas Tykes Uppa Creek Acres Wait N C Whinny For Me Willie Jeans $ Reminders A Stable Business Broken Dollar Empty Pockets Money Pit Richer World Of Miniatures Small Fortune Two Bitz If you’d like to reserve your farm name as a prefix, go to and click Member Services/Forms/Prefix Registration. The one time fee is $150. 156 Miniature Horse World O ctober / N o v ember 2 0 1 5