MiMfg Magazine September 2017 - Page 26

26 MiMfg Magazine September 2017 Hometown Heroes Can Make the Best Hire Thousands of veterans return home from the battlefield each year — many to Michigan and many with no clear plan for what to do next. Careers in manufacturing help provide these returning soldiers with a purpose and stability as they integrate themselves back into the community. If you’re looking for your next hire, look no further than your own hometown heroes. According to the U.S. Department of Labor and the Manufacturing Institute: • Veterans have an accelerated learning curve and rigorous training comes naturally. • The skills they learned on the battlefield are a unique resource for manufacturers when translated to the shop floor. • Nobody knows the importance of teamwork like someone faced with life and death decisions every day. • Veterans are natural leaders, ready assume more responsibilities and advance in their new careers. • Veterans promote diversity and inclusion, having worked alongside all races, genders and backgrounds. • Your l