MiMfg Magazine September 2017 - Page 23

Activity: Industry: Widgets: Soils: Method: Material: Product: Key Features: Success Story “ “ Equipment Repair & Maintenance Packaging Manufacturing Injection Molds Light Oils, Release Agents, Lubricants Ultrasonic Stainless Steel Mirachem Ultrasonic Performance Ultrasonic cleaning sets us apart. Productivity at the speed of sound. When those who know start making noises about productivity, it’s time to catch a new wave. When this manufacturer needed better performance from their ultrasonic cleaning process, they thought about packing it in. Instead, they sounded the call for help. They called Crystal Clean. With a care package of solutions, including advanced aqueous technologies, like Mirachem Ultrasonic XL, help with cleaning applications throughout the facility, a full range of environmental services, and great service and support, it wasn’t long before this plant started riding a new sound-wave of productivity. If you need better performance from your cleaning process, here’s a soundbite: Crystal Clean and ultrasonic. Sounds like a winner! This plastic packaging manufacturing plant had a mold cleaning process that landed with a thud. They needed some advice that wasn’t all noise. Aqueous Advantage √ Better Performance √ Worker Safety √ Easier EHS Compliance √ More Flexibility Ready to clean up your cleaning process? Call Dean Popovich at 877-938-7948 for detailed product and savings information! Learn more about this Success Story at b.Mirachem.com/APP-0104 ©2016 CSS-1582