Millionaire Mentor University - Page 6

The Ultimate Leisurely Lifestyle- Confessions of a Self -Made Millionaire. The exact moment we are born is the exact moment we begin to die. Do we really want to get to the end of our lives only to have regrets? Ask yourself which do you generally look forward to the most, Monday or Fri? Does it really make sense to live like a pauper for decades during the finest years of your life? Wouldn’t it make more sense to raise your present standard of living, and give yourself and your loved ones the highest standard of living as you can, while growing your assets and minimizing taxes? Life! It’s such a struggle to the vast majority. A struggle for mere existence. We live to work. Why do people fail to obtain financial and emotional success in a world where economic opportunities are everywhere? Where one person can become a billionaire and the hard working person next door retires to a life of mediocrity? We live in the greatest economic times, with the greatest wealth creation tools in the history of mankind, in the richest country in the world, where anyone of any race, age, gender, location, ability, or education can create hundreds of millions of dollars or more from scratch with just a tiny idea. What roadblocks stifle them from becoming super rich in the first place, where 95% of people retire to poverty, after a lifetime of painstaking hard work, and cannot even support themselves without depending on government scraps to survive, or putting your financial burden on your children and family. Yet we somehow believe, mistakenly, that to acquire financial wealth we must work so much harder, and spend more time and energy that we could never enjoy it regardless. Here is the difference between how the rich think about work and how the poor think about work; when the poor think about working hard, they think only about themselves working hard, while the rich think about working hard, they think about others working hard for them. We have been programmed to fail from the start. Most people struggle with money because in church, school, from our hardworking parents and our peers, that we must get a job, and work hard every day.