Millionaire Mentor University - Page 49

2. The entire process can take as little as 2 weeks or up to 12 weeks depending on how much work needs to be done, and how quickly you get the required documents. We include an information sheet which tells you what you will need. This will include, color copies of DL, SS Card, Income Pay Stubs, Utility Bill, (if you don’t have one we have options), and a voided check). Speak to a rep if you don’t have any income, we have other arrangements. 3. Money is not free! To obtain these large amounts of funding, with very few restrictions, hoops, and qualifications, is not cheap. There are 20% success fees, on the backend! The bank also will have details on the funding they will go over with you via phone and documents. They make it look worse than it actually is, with interest rates, and other scary things, but they want you to succeed! That’s how they make their money! If you pay on time for over 6 months they will usually increase your credit lines again and again! A. The great thing about this type of funding, is that you do not have to take investor partners if you don’t want to! Not only will investors want half (50% or more) of your profits forever, but can eventually take over and control your whole company or income method! B. Hard money or angel investors take 15%-50% for short periods of time. You will have to pay it back quicker in larger amounts or lose your investment to them. This can equate to over 200%-5000% interest on that money! C. You can generate more credit funding as you establish a relationship with the bank. Make minimum payments every month and they will increase your credit lines substantially over 6-12 months. We have financially savvy folks, who never work a day in their life, just increasing credit lines, and obtaining more business funding! 4. We work with private, and public bankers and like anyone, just because they are willing to give you boatloads of money without much effort, on a credit score that is challenging, well, they want to make sure you’re a good borrower! Wouldn’t you want to be careful of who you lend to? 5. There are several documents to