Millionaire Mentor University - Page 47

WHO DO YOU KNOW WANTS TO CHANGE THE WORLD AND MAKE MONEY DOING IT? KIDPRENEUR UNIVERSITY Company and our Mortgage “PAID IN FULL” banking experts help orphanages, foster homes, abuse shelters, boys and girls homes, and other charities around the country, relieve their financial burden by helping them pay off their mortgage! We eliminate the mortgage for the facility. If you want the most amazing opportunity to create huge amounts of money, while helping orphanages, foster homes, abuse shelters, boys and girls homes, eliminate their mortgage, while providing these children get an amazing financial, entrepreneur, and life skills, education, here is your chance! HOW YOU MAKE LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY WITH LESS EFFORT: We contact abuse shelters, homeless shelters, foster homes, orphanages, and other places where other underproduction children reside. We eliminate their mortgage, while we provide them, and every single child in the facility a world class financial, business, entrepreneurship, and life skills education from world class mentors. Our retired bankers perform all the work on eliminating the mortgage, we do nothing other than obtain the mortgage docs from the facility. Once the mortgage is discharged, the bank will also send a cash settlement amount of about 50% of the mortgage amount, which is how the bankers pay for their expenses. We both receive a portion of that money for introducing the children facility to our program. Here is how much money you can make by changing the future of our world, and our children, 1000 children at a time….. Let’s say the foster home has a $500,000 mortgage. *Within about 8 weeks the bank will discharge the mortgage payment and sent a new mortgage saying “PAID IN FULL” *Within 2-3 weeks after that, the bank sends a cash settlement for usually about 50% of the mortgage. We receive about 1/3rd of that settlement, or $100,000. *For every referral charity you bring to us, you will receive 25% of that cash settlement or about $25.000.00. The bigger the mortgage, the bigger the cash settlement. Our team of retired bankers is able to help eliminate about 99% of the mortgages. “When you want to acquire wealth, the focus should be not on what you can get, but on what you can give.”