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expenses, and generate our profit AND allow you to recoup any upfront expenses you may occur, if any! At the end, this ENTIRE PROCESS does not cost you a SINGLE penny, and you walk away with your property Free & Clear! Mortgage is PAID IN FULL! 2. Is the discharge process legal? Yes, entirely. Read from the above paragraph. The Final discharge or elimination of the mortgage is actually done by your mortgage company. We force them to do it based on the laws and the violations on your mortgage contract, unlike the old processes in which you have to go to court and battle the bank. *Here is The Basic Information for Your Easy Understanding on How We Do This: We only need one, but there are between 5, to as many as 30, different violations of Federal Laws, Banking Laws, Lending Laws, and the Consumer Protection Laws, besides a few others on every mortgage in America today. This is not something new. This has been going on for over 100 years. Most of us are not aware of these violations. The mortgage company does not want you to know, and the government does not care, because the government has been manipulated by the big banking lobbyists for over 100 years. Our Mortgage Remedy Process relies on applying laws such as the Truth in Lending Act, Federal Laws, U.S. Supreme Court decisions, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Billing Act, the Uniform Commercial Code, and numerous other banking and lending laws. You will not have to appear in court, or negotiate with any banking or legal personnel during this process. Taking advantage of these laws and the violations by the mortgage company, armed with Non-judicial and Administrative Process, your team of highly qualified and highly experienced specialized Attorneys, Legal Consultants, Retired Bankers, Researchers and Negotiators approach the mortgage company and force them to come to a negotiating table with us in order to completely eliminate the mortgage! *We also have a process where you can also recoup a mortgage amount even if you have sold your property, as long as it’s has been 365 days or less!* Over the last 6 years we have successfully eliminated over 400 mortgages nationwide. We work on case by case basis. If we are unsuccessful in legally eliminating your Mortgage, we Will REFUND 100% of any costs you already paid for any reason + we will pay you an extra 5%! We are that confident. We research the mortgage before we proceed! There is a simple, legal, and proven, remedy that wills ELMINATE 100% of your mortgage in about 60 days. GUARANTEED!