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What this means is that if the mortgage was $1 Million Dollars, our payment from the bankers/lawyers will be around 25% which is about $250.000.00 of which your 25% will be over $60,000.00. Just for helping someone get their mortgage paid off! We call this our 30 minute Wealth Creation Secret. Here is how it’s done: The first instinct of the average person is curiosity, then disbelief. We would like to remind you however, that during the mortgage collapse of 2008, many attorneys and legal experts did discharge THOUSANDS of mortgages using various legal processes. This is NOT one of those processes. Ours is 99% more effective. With our process you will not go to battle with your mortgage company or need to go to court, take phone calls, you won’t have to do anything other than sign some documents. We are a group of retired bankers, specialized attorneys, legal consultants, researchers, and negotiators, who over the past 6 years have discharged over 375 mortgages and counting. We have been in the business of 'eliminating mortgages' for over 6 years but our company itself is 11 years old. We can do the same for you within 60-90 days. The bottom line is; if it is done right, done properly, and legally, with virtually zero effort on your part, it works. If you understand banking and contract law, you will understand the basics on how it can be done effectively. This process can change your entire financial life. Imagine not having a mortgage payment again. Your children’s children will reap the benefits for generations. A. How does the process work? B. This is a Proprietary process developed & perfected by our team 6 years ago, with years of research and development. We use this process to approach your mortgage company in a peaceful manner, pointing them of numerous violations on your mortgage contract, and use the LAWS to force them to come to a negotiating table with us in order to completely eliminate your mortgage. The process takes 60-90 days to complete with over 95% success rate. That is 19 of 20 mortgages discharged and “PAID IN FULL.”This is a highly specialized process that takes many hours on our part. B. It is a non-judicial, administrative process wherein the lender of funds under the terms of a Mortgage or a Deed of Trust, is compelled to re-convey the deed of ownership to the borrower. The term "mortgage" is used loosely here to cover both Deeds of Trust and Mortgages. Currently, only 12 states use Mortgage agreements, the rest having moved to Deeds of Trust. Deeds of Trust involve a totally non-judicial process. Taking advantage of these laws and the violations by the mortgage company, armed with Non-judicial and Administrative Process, your team of highly qualified and highly experienced specialized Attorneys, Legal Consultants, Retired Bankers, Researchers, and Negotiators, approach the mortgage company and force them to come to a negotiating table with us in order to completely eliminate the mortgage! You will not have to even go to court! C. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OUR PROCESS AND OTHER FIRMS? We are not aware of any company doing what we do. To our knowledge there is no other company who provide this service. If there is any, they may ask you to simply stop making payment on your mortgage, file bankruptcy, or file a law suit against your mortgage company etc. which is NOT the right or effective way to do. This process costs us thousands of dollars and dozens of hours of work by highly specialized professionals to accomplish your mortgage discharge. However, in the end, this process will never cost you a single penny. We also obtain a Cash Settlement 30-45 days after a mortgage is discharged. This is where we recoup most of our