Millionaire Mentor University - Page 43

Included In Our Millionaire Mentor Coaching Opportunity……….. Our Mentor Contacts are Mortgage Discharge Specialists! We have the most incredible….. WEALTH CREATION secret ever developed! 1. Our team of retired bankers, specialized lawyers, and negotiators, can get the bank to pay off 99% of any mortgage loan in about 60 days! “PAID IN FULL”, NO MORE MORTGAGE! How’s that for a financial independence secret for you or your loved ones! (Our team of retired bankers and attorneys also negotiate a cash settlement that is used to cover most of their expenses and fees as well as our mentor coach referral commissions.) *THERE IS NO INVESTMENT ON THE MORTGAGE HOLDERS PART! Here is the simple process. Once you, as one of our Millionaire Mentor Coaches, find a mortgage holder, that wishes to eliminate their mortgage (duh!), you simply collect their mortgage agreement and last payment statement. The team of retired bankers and specialized lawyers and negotiators goes to work contacting the bank, and negotiating a discharge. Once discharged after 60 days, the mortgage holder will receive a mortgage note saying: PAID IN FULL. Within a few weeks after that, the bank will also give us a cash settlement to cover the company costs. You as the referral agent, who brought the mortgage holder to us, will receive 25% of our cash portion of the bank settlement! Our banker/lawyer partners will usually settle for 50%-60% of the total mortgage amount!