Millionaire Mentor University - Page 39

What if making millions was easier than you think? Here are our GREATEST 30 Millionaire Investment Secrets you need to know about Income Producing Investments! 1. The best investment provides you with the most money when you need it the most. 2. Invest only in income producing assets. 3. The biggest expense in life are interest and taxes, both put money in someone else’s pockets and that’s why the rich get richer and middle class now the working poor, ignorance of tax loopholes and poor management of credit. 4. Whenever someone gives you money advice of any kind ask them to show you their assets and bank balance. Especially if their asking you for money. If you’re the one doing the asking, politely ask if you can get verification. Most successful people are proud of their accomplishment and are willing to let you peak behind the curtains. Someone who doesn’t have it definitely not only won’t show you, they can’t. 5. Investments have to make sense today, not a buy, hold, and pray strategy. 6. It’s a bad idea to invest in industries you don’t understand and companies you don’t have any control over or influence, or in people you don’t know or trust. 7. You must insist on instant returns on your investment. There is no such thing as a 100% safe place to put your money. There is always some sort of risk. Put your money under a mattress and you may wake up one day to find your house on fire. 8. There are no perfect investments they all come with some sort of challenges. You don’t win without risk.