Millionaire Mentor University - Page 33

The problem with Average Joes, Underachievers, Losers and the MEDIOCRE The masses aim just to survive. To keep a job, collect a pathetic scrawny paycheck. Money can’t buy happiness is their motto. Money has nothing to do with it one way or the other. It wasn’t the money that made you sick, tired, bored, divorced, broke, or angry it was you. Rationalize it all you want life without money sucks. Did you always notice the ones who whine about money being unimportant are always the poor ones? Some people are convinced that just a little bit more money will make things right. The problem is more than money. Its financial intelligence. An untrained mind can create poverty that lasts generations and is passed on. One of the most pathetic things about modern society is the amount of poor people who spend all the money they don’t have on things they don’t need; to impress people they don’t like. Forget keeping up the with Jones, just drag them down to your level! The vast majority struggle just to survive, or keep up with the Jones. The poor isn’t that they can’t see the solution, it’s that they cannot see the &