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patient, his history, current condition and a plan for full recovery. A Strategist has the power to provide strategies and services as varied as HR compliance, website development, financial analysis, equipment leasing, acquisitions, profit engineering and business funding and loans.  Benefits to $5000-$10000 business valuation save tens or hundreds of thousands!  Business plan is completed for you. $5,000.00 Value!  Complete financial education throughout this process. Value: PRICELESS  Save tens or hundreds of thousands in start up costs!  Save tens or hundreds of thousands from proper deal structuring!  Save tens or hundreds of thousands with proper negotiating skills!  Delayed payments to help the business get going on 8 cylinders. Ensure your success! Actual Deal Structures and Successful Fundings from Our Files:  Client approved for over $200,000 when he/she only needed $60,000 to purchase a coffee shop/bakery  $450,000 to start a wholesale heating, air conditioning and refrigeration supply house in Nevada  120% financing to buy two scrapbook retail stores in Florida  $50,000 to start a wholesale medical equipment company in Louisiana  $250,000 to start a wholesale industrial equipment company in Louisiana  $50,000 to start an employment agency in Utah *This program has a separate upfront cost for 6 months coaching and mentorship.