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Learn how you can get 100% funding to buy a business. Not like real estate investing or stock trading, but the business of your dreams — like a coffee shop, hair salon, spa, retail store, auto shop, liquor store, restaurant, sports bar, etc. Historically, 93% of the time banks have said "No" to small business loan requests. Just because a bank won't fund a deal doesn't mean there are no business loans or business credit available for that deal. Since 2003, Ed Keels and his staff at Beyond Breakeven, Inc. (BBI) have been helping wannabe business owners with deal structures that provide business loans and business credit when banks won't. In fact, BBI has developed more than one hundred ways to fund a business acquisition and do so with little to none of the buyer's own money. One of the most important things we do is to revive the entrepreneurial spirit, which fosters self-reliance, independence and freedom. Our goal is to help the small business owner recapture the fun and excitement they experienced when they first went into business. We do that by assisting in the elimination of business dysfunction, sources of frustration and causes of low profitability. Business owners turn to their CPA for bookkeeping and tax advice, to their attorney for legal assistance, and Beyond Breakeven Business Strategists for help with literally everything else. We round out and complete the entrepreneurs’ board of Strategists, though we are distinctly different from many other professionals. Most clients look upon the services provided by CPAs, attorneys and consultants as something akin to magic. The result is impressive but the client has no idea how it was accomplished. We believe in not only performing the magic but also teaching our clients how it was done. Sharing in the process, results in self-reliant entrepreneurs. We define our success by the level of independence we can enhance in our clients. As “Business Strategists” we are focused on one thing… “Empowering the Entrepreneur”. We believe in a holistic approach to improvement, through a teaching and sharing methodology. As “Business Strategists” we seek independence for our clients. The key to promoting that independence lies in the wisdom of the Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Education and knowledge are powerful forces that can have long-term effects on the business. But most businesses also require immediate changes and improvement in their cash position. So, to fill the immediate, short and long-term needs, our Strategists employ strategies to significantly influence the cash position at three points in time: 1. Now!- by exploring the hidden assets of the business. There are hundreds! 2. Every day in the Future- by increasing the daily operating profits, 50%-5000%! 3. At Retirement- by preparing the business for sale and systematically increasing the justified loan amount and fair market value 2 to 4 fold. Create assets in the millions! Our Millionaire Mentor relationships, have over 50 different strategies, products, services, tools and over 400 funding resources at their command. But, not unlike a doctor, recommended cures are not ordered without a thorough and deep understanding of the