Millionaire Mentor University - Page 20

MILLIONAIRE BLUEPRINT FUNDING FUNNEL BAD CREDIT GOOD CREDIT 700+ Credit repair and restoration Consulting Fee:s and costs vary depending upon credit file Private Investment Funding Up to 300K (3 rounds of 100k each) 700+ credit score required Consulting Fee: $495 Upfront 2-8 weeks to fund Aged Shelf corps Up to 200k each 700+ credit score required 2 trade lines or 3-4 years required Consulting Fee: $3000 Upfront At least 45 days to fund Four Types of Funding Private Money 700+ FICO Based Financing 700 fico score required up to 300k Funding Consulting Fee: $495 Upfront 2-4 weeks to fund Aged Corps- No FICO Score Up to 200k x two Each 5-10 year aged Corp Consulting Fee: $4500 Upfront Limit 2 per person At least 45 days to fund 700+ FICO Based 100% Financing Consulting Fee: $9995 Upfront Available for Real Estate, Business or Franchise Up to $5,000,000 in funding available Personal FICO Equity based Funding Aged Corps CPN Funding ALL FUNDING IS SUBJECT TO A 20% Success FEE UPON FUNDING COMPLETION